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- To provide a free space for professional actors to collaborate and create opportunities.


As a small child, I still remember, the excitement of attending my first ever live theatre performance. The production was a pantomime, funded by a local company providing families with the opportunity to enjoy a few hours of escapism together.  For many families, this opportunity would not have been possible, due to financial restrictions, but thanks to generous funding and the time offered by the actors, families were immersed in an evening of live performance.

I am now an actor myself; maybe it was that first experience that led me to be so, who knows, and my love for theatre has simply grown over the years. I still enjoy the escapism it brings, both as a performer and as an audience member.  But, as an actor looking for work, the profession has it's challenges, the industry is mentally tough and incredibly competitive, with regular rejections and an ever-recurring self-doubt. The best tonic for actors is to be in a room with fellow peers, where you can share knowledge and work cooperatively to progress.


So, with the help of The Old Rep in Birmingham, GLU Theatre was launched, a co-operative group of professional actors creating and developing opportunities and working together to deliver productions accessible to all.


Welcome to GLU Theatre, the actor's theatre!

Stephanie x

Weekly Actor Workshops
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