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About us

What is GLU Theatre?

GLU Theatre is a co-operative theatre group of professional actors, offering a central point of collaboration right in the heart of Birmingham city centre at The Old Rep Theatre.

The Old Rep (previously known as Birmingham Repertory Theatre) first opened its doors in 1913 and occupies a unique place in theatre history as Britain’s first purpose-built repertory theatre. The theatre was built by distinguished actor and director, Sir Barry Jackson’s, as a permanent home for The Pilgrim Players, who later became known as The Birmingham Repertory Company. The range of rich and varied roles on offer at The Old Rep had actors flocking to join the company and learn their craft with a host of notable names including Sir Laurence Olivier, Dame Edith Evans, Peggy Ashcroft, Albert Finney, Brian Cox, Julie Christie, Derek Jacobi and many, many more. 

GLU Theatre are delighted to be able to step on the same stage used by so many notable actors.  Our actors meet weekly to improvise and workshop ideas, with a view to develop 'free to access' productions for audiences across the West Midlands.


With an inclusive ethos, we provide a relaxed, creative environment, where actors can work on their personal development alongside peers.

GLU Theatre is an inclusive theatre group, welcoming and encouraging diversity.


With special thanks to The Old Rep Theatre for their support to our actors and writers across the Midlands.

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As an actor, it is vitally important to keep pushing forwards, working with your peers when paid work isn't available, but accessing paid classes or training is not always financially possible.  GLU Theatre offers professional actors a free space to meet weekly and collaborate with peers, to improvise, sharing ideas and create opportunities.

As a co-oporative group, GLU actors are actively encouraged to share their knowledge and experience to help develop the workshops. As well as studying improvisation, acting techniques and develop productions, the workshops are an ideal place to network, finding fellow actors for personal projects or to read in for audition pieces or self-tapes.



With GLU Theatre’s collaboration between actors and writers, we encourage submissions for a vast range of projects, new writing, monologues to larger productions, musicals, dramas, classical and contemporary writing. We would particularly like to encourage writers to submit work that tackles a variety of the social and global issues that we face today.

Through this collaboration, writers will have the opportunity to see their written work performed by professional actors. 


In addition, The Old Rep also run two writing support groups; ‘Up To Scratch’ a monthly development evening that has been set up to give writers a platform to develop their work and ‘Write UP!’, offering a welcoming, friendly, supportive space where creatives can develop their writing and meet other writers. Further information can be found at The Old Rep Theatre - Get Involved.

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Directors / Stage Management

Stage productions will need the help of directors, sound and lighting designers, engineers and stage management. This is an excellent opportunity to work in a professional environment with experienced actors and build a resume of productions and experience. 


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